Im ISS-Live-Stream können Sie Bilder von der Internationalen Raumstation empfangen und auch den Funkverkehr der Astronauten mit den Kontrollzentren verfolgen.

Live streaming video by Ustream

ISS Live Stream

During the day, you have the chance to see live images from inside the station – so you can watch the astronauts at work. Outside of working hours, images from Earth are often broadcast, taken by an outboard camera. Since the station orbits the Earth in 90 minutes, the ISS repeatedly flies over the night side of the Earth: Then the display of the outboard camera is usually dark, but sometimes you can see spectacular images of illuminated cities.

Videos are, of course, only available when the ISS is in contact with Earth. When there is a break in the transmission of the TV channel (LOS = Loss of Signal), the screen is blue.

The real-time position of the ISS can be seen in this animated world map.

Video Messages from Alexander Gerst

Astronaut Alexander Gerst has created five video messages from the ISS for the “Space for Change” project. In each one, a habitat is presented. He explains its importance for humans and shows the threads these habitats have to face. Animations provide further information suitable for students. At the end, Alex Gerst appeals to students to develop their own ideas in their projects about what they can contribute to protecting the Earth in their everyday lives.

Video message: mountain habitat

Video message: rivers and lakes habitat

Video message: habitat country

Video message: habitat oceans

Video message: forest habitat

In this video, former astronaut Hans Schlegel explains the functions of the astronaut suit. Hans Schlegel knows what he’s talking about: He first flew into space in 1993 as part of the second German Spacelab mission (D2). Fifteen years later, on February 7th, 2008, Schlegel flew into space again and, together with crew colleagues, assembled the European Columbus Laboratory on the International Space Station ISS in a nearly 7-hour spacewalk.

Students of the Christian Morgenstern School in Herrsching interview Frank de Winne about life on the ISS.

Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams takes you on a tour on the ISS, showing the kitchen, sleeping quarters, bathroom, etc. (in English)

ESA-Astronaut André Kuipers on tour on the ISS (in Englisch)

In the DLR webcast, Berti Meisinger, ESA Mission Director, and German Zöschinger, Columbus Flight Director at DLR, talk about their collaboration with Alexander Gerst on the ISS, where he is sometimes just a phone call away and the team on the ground is very close to the mission in space.


“Flying Classroom” is the name of the experiment series that DLR has developed together with ESA. Even a simple sheet of paper can become an experiment in the ISS, if it is folded correctly. A paper airplane is a great way to show that weightlessness and vacuum are different things.